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Weddings: I have played for three weddings. I have the most experience on piano, but if you would prefer organ or flute, I am willing to do that. My only request is if you have any specific music selections you would like to please let me know within a reasonable amount of time, at least six months ahead of time. I can play any style of music, and I am willing to let you hear the progress of me learning the pieces in case you would like to change your mind after hearing a certain piece. I have mainly done Presbyterian churches, but I am open to any denomination/non-denominational. If you would give  me an idea of how the service works once you have it figured it out for certain, that would also be helpful. Payment is varied depending how involved you want music in your wedding. It can vary from $250-400. There are extra fees if I will have to travel more than an hour to your wedding. Extra fees may also be added if I have to purchase music and it ends up being over $100.

Piano/Flute/Organ/Guitar Lessons: I offer piano, flute, guitar, and organ in person and online lessons, due to the current pandemic.  I did teach piano for a year and a half when I was in high school. I started taking on private students again on July 13, 2019. I currently have sixty. I also am a Piano Teaching Artist at the IUP Community Music School and at Dynamic Music Studio in Trafford, PA.  Payment is $20 per half hour lesson, $30for 45-minute lessons, and $40 for an hour lesson, in person or virtual instruction. I will help you figure out the books you need. For flute, please talk to me about a good instrument to start on for a beginner if you are interested in your child taking lessons. For organ, you will also need to purchase organ shoes. We would have to discuss where we would have these lessons and for more information about where to purchase anything, you may contact me privately for specific details. Lessons would range from a half hour to an hour, depending on the level of the student. I can travel to your house, you can come to my house, or a halfway point somewhere.

Funerals: I have played piano for various funerals and memorial services. If you would prefer organ or flute, do let me know. Payment is varied depending on the amount of music and travel.

Church Substitute: I do have a regular church job,  but if the service time plus travel time does not conflict, I would love to help you out! I can play piano or organ for these services; whichever your church prefers and uses more often. I can even do Saturday services or services during the week for those that have more than one service per week.

Pits/Musicals: I am willing to play piano, flute, or organ for you if you need someone in your pit for your school musical!

CHURCHES: A lot of churches do not have pianists/organists anymore. If you would like someone to record hymns for your church so you can still have music every week, please contact me! We can discuss rates depending on travel time of what would be fair.

Any Other Special Events: If you have something in mind you would like a musician for, I am open to anything. Let me know!

FIND ME ON WEDDINGWIRE AND THE KNOT: Holly Lightner, Pianist and Organist

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